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The International Conference on Zinc and Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheet (Galvatech) is a premier international conference on cutting-edge technologies for the processing and performance of coated steel sheets for automotive, electrical appliance and construction applications.

Galvatech was born in 1989 in Tokyo as the first conference in a series, and has been held every three or two years since then.
The 11th Galvatech (Galvatech2017), again in Tokyo, will be held at the campus of The University of Tokyo, where Professor Hisamatsu, who inaugurated this series of conferences as the very first organizer of Galvatech, served as Professor and Dean of the Engineering School.

The conference is anticipated to feature more than 150 technical papers and attract in excess of 300 attendees from customers, steel makers, suppliers and research institutes.

What is new at this Galvatech2017 conference is the Advanced Basic Research Session, which was created to support and promote discussions on basic scientific research related to all aspects of the ever-growing field of coated steel sheet technologies.
We hope that Galvatech2017 will serve as a platform for the future development of improved applications of coated steel sheets. We cordially invite you to participate in this fruitful conference and are looking forward to meeting you in Tokyo.