Upcoming Events

Online User Meeting 2021 (Europe), February 2nd – 3rd

Online User Meeting 2021 (America), February 4th – 5th

Hüttentag 2021, Germany, Essen, 15th April 2021

SIS Surface Inspection Summit, Germany, Aachen, 27th – 28th April 2021

ALUMINIUM 2021, Germany, Düsseldorf, 18th – 20th May 2021

ISRS, International Steel Rolling Symposium 2021, Iskenderun, Turkey, 23rd – 24th September 2021

GALVATECH 2021, Austria, Vienna, 20th – 24th June 2021

Previous Events

Future Steel Forum Digital 2020, 8th – 9th December 2020

Future Aluminium Forum Digital 2020, 2nd – 3rd December 2020

Quality Alliance Virtual Quality Days 2020, 26th November and 3rd December 2020

User Meeting 2019

Meet us and the QES Community, November 21/22 in Eupen, Belgium


Thursday 7th November 2019, Essen


22nd October – Bilbao, Spain

24th October – Valencia, Spain

Aluminium 2000, Italy, 9th – 13th April 2019

AISTech, Pittsburgh, USA, 6th – 9th May 2019

Future Aluminium Forum (Industry 4.0), Warsaw, Poland, 22nd – 23rd May 2019

METEC, Düsseldorf, Germany, 25th – 29th June 2019

Future Steel Forum (Industry 4.0), Budapest, Hungary, 25th – 26th September 2019

IWCC – International Wrought Copper Council, Shanghai, 3rd – 8th March 2019

Aluminium Messe, Düsseldorf, Germany, 9th – 11th October 2018

SIS.EUROPE 2018, Surface Inspection Summit, Aachen, Germany (September 18-19)

Aluminum 2018, Shanghai, China (July 11-13)

5th User Conference, Aachen, Germany  (July 5-6, 2018)

The annual QuinLogic User Conference took place in Aachen on the 5th and 6th of July 2018. The conference was a great success! The attendees, colleagues from fifteen different steel and aluminium rolling mills, had a unique opportunity to exchange their experiences of using our Quality Execution System (QES) and thereby gained a valuable insight into a broad range of system capabilities. Furthermore, the team of QuinLogic presented improved features of the new software release, which were developed on the basis of our customers’ input and feedback from the user meetings of previous years. Also this year, QuinLogic highly appreciates our customers’ contributions, which are going to be considered in the next software release.

AISTech 2018, Philadelphia, USA  (May 7-9, 2018)

Galvatech 2017, Tokyo, Japan  (November 12-16, 2017)

Quality Day 2017, Arquata Scrivia, Italy

The Quality Alliance is a modern network of technology ventures that develop and deliver high quality systems and solutions for quality assurance and quality control to the international steel and aluminum industry. QuinLogic is part of the Alliance and once again attended the Quality Days held in Arquata Scrivia, Italy from June 20-21. Thank you for joining our talk and discussions on perspective developments within the steel industry.

Future Steel Forum 2017, Warsaw, Poland

The Future Steel Forum took place on 14-15 June at the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel, Poland. Thank you for joining our talk on Industry 4.0.

ESSC 2017, Bergamo, Italy

QuinLogic attended the 9th European Stainless Steel Conference – Science & Market from May 25-27 in Bergamo, Italy. Thank you for joining our talk on Industry 4.0 quality assurance for stainless steel rolling.

CHS2 2017, Atlanta, GA

QuinLogic was part of the 6th International Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel CHS2 from June 5-7 2017 held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Thank you for attending our talk on ‘Integrated Manufacturing Quality Control for Press-Hardening Steel‘.

AISTech 2017, Nashville, TN

From May 8 – 10 2017, QuinLogic has once again attended the Steel’s Premier Technology Event AISTech, held at the Music City Center, Nashville, Tenn., USA.

Besides two talks on ‘Proactive Production Supervision and Control‘ as well as ‘Integrated Quality Control Solutions for Hot Sheet Metal Forming‘, QuinLogic has given numerous live software demonstrations showing how the Quality Execution System can meet steel and aluminum companies’ quality assurance needs to comply with Industry 4.0 standards.

4th User Meeting on January, 26 and 27 in Kerpen, Germany

On January 26th and 27th, QuinLogic´s yearly user meeting took place in the MS-Business-Center in Kerpen, Germany. The conference offered a platform for users to exchange their experience how to get the best value out of the QES and how QuinLogic can support on the way to Industry 4.0. The next major version of the QES (release 7.0) was introduced and feature requests for the next year’s development were discussed.

Aluminium 2016, Duesseldorf, Germany (November 29 – December 1, 2016)

From November 29th to December 1st, QuinLogic attended the Aluminium 2016 as part of the Quality Alliance. Please contact us for further information or visit aluminium-messe.com.

Stahl 2016, Duesseldorf, Germany (November 10, 2016)

On November 10th, QuinLogic attended the STAHL 2016 (en.stahl-online.de) as part of the Quality Alliance. This years event with the motto – Orientation in uncertain times – examined the challenges for the industry and pointed out potential courses of action. QuinLogic helps customers to meet Industry 4.0 standards applying the Quality Execution System (QES). Contact us today for further information.

4th International Seminar on Hot Sheet Metal Forming Technology – EuroBLECH 2016, Kassel, Germany (October 26 – 27, 2016)

SIS.EUROPE 2016 – Surface Inspection Summit – Aachen, Germany
(September 28 – 29, 2016)

European Rolling Conference in Graz, Austria

3rd User Meeting on 14 and 15 January in Kerpen, Germany

2nd User Meeting in Aachen

Kees Jonker, TATA Steel Europe:

”It was the right decision for TATA to participate again in this user meeting. We got the chance for new insights of applications of other customers but also gave us the chance to communicate internally about the different options we have in use in our Ijmuiden plant. The progress of the software with release 5.0 is really impressing, because nearly all of the wishes we have had in last user meeting are already included today.”

Antero Tamminen, SSAB-Ruukki:

“For our company it was very helpful to learn about the state of the art technology in quality assurance processes, because we are just in the planning phase of a quality gate project. Listening to experiences of the colleagues from other industries helped us a lot in setting our expectations and adjusting our plans for the new system.”

Werner Rohde, Hydro Aluminum:

“I was not sure how we can make use of such a meeting, because presentations were mainly reflecting experience of steel industry. But there are a lot of common problems to be solved in quality assurance processes. So it was at the end very helpful to exchange ideas and getting new insights for possible new applications in our daily live.”

Nick Velto, ArcelorMittal USA:

“What a great experience to participate in a user meeting dedicated fully to quality improvement and quality assurance. The open exchange and focused discussions brought a lot of new ideas we hope to implement in our mill soon. The positive spirit of the whole meeting reflected the very good relation between QuinLogic and the users in the industry. ”

1st User Meeting September 24 – 25, 2014 in Aachen with excellent feedback

Jake McClure, Gallatin Steel USA:

“ I think the meeting achieved exactly what it set out to do and that was an atmosphere to get ideas based on other applications in use. With the brainstorming session I think we also generated some good ideas to enhance the software. We will also be very excited to see what comes of the future releases. Overall it was great meeting with a group of very kind and intelligent people. The visit to QuinLogic has reaffirmed my belief that QuinLogic is a top notch company that Gallatin Steel is very lucky to be associated with. ”

Wouter Qvergaauw, TATA Steel Europe:

“This was a very useful meeting for TATA. We were able to learn about a lot of new ideas other users of QES have implemented already. The fruitful discussions among participants brought insights and good motivation to continue to develop our own application further.”

Valentin Eurlings, APERAM Genk:

“ We thought that we in APERAM Genk are using QES already quite advanced, but having seen what others have implemented generated a lot of ideas for further enhancements. We definitely will work hard to get most of this new ideas applied to our system as soon as possible as well.”