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“We are very pleased with the new features and performance of QES 5.0. Our job has gotten much easier.”

Nick Velto Senior Engineer Process Automation, ArcelorMittal, Burns Harbor 六月 16, 2015

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"NLMK La Louvière chose QES as a tool to support “auto- control” of products by manufacturers. QES allows us to de- fi ne advanced rules of grading taking account of specific customer requirements. As the definition and implementation of the rules are carried out by quality experts (no IT expert needed), the set of rules is no more a black-box with some surprises from time to time. After one year of auto-control at HSM, we can say it is a useful tool to support manufacturing decisions."

Daniele Talamini Quality & Metallurgy Manager, NLMK La Louvière, Belgium 十一月 17, 2015

"We selected QuinLogic after a careful evaluation process and are more than satisfied with the performance of the QES in our production line. It is not only the excellent software tools but also the outstanding service support that makes us happy with our QES. We have reached our challenging goal to reduce the manual intervention in our release process and also obtained a much better insight into our process capabilities. Approximately 70% of coils can be shipped without any further examination."

Vance Kendrick General Manager for Quality and Technology, Nucor Steel Gallatin, Kentucky, USA 六月 16, 2015

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"Stainless steel markets are challenging and product mix has to be more flexible than ever. APERAM has therefore decided to implement an existing solution for process monitoring in a new QES software product suite. The QuinLogic system provides a very flexible and easy-to-use tool for the QA department. No more IT or supplier support is needed to set up new rules or change existing parameters. The very short implementation time within just a few months has proved that the product is very robust and mature."

Rudi de Keyser Quality Manager, APERAM, Genk, Belgium 六月 16, 2015

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"USSPOSCO was looking for a quality assurance solution that not only grades the coils but also supports the active approach to avoid deviations in process lines before they show up in a series of coils. This proactive process monitoring is supported by the QuinLogic PPS modules, which allow easy and fast rulebased supervision of any variable which may contribute to the quality of the product."

Rod Simpson Division Manager Technology, USSPOSCO, California, USA 六月 16, 2015